Book / Reading list

After The Affair, Janis Abrahms Spring
A book that explains the recovery process for any couple who has experienced the violation of trust as a result of a partner being unfaithful.
ISBN-10: 0060172363

How Can I Forgive You?, Janis Abrahms Spring
This book offers an alternative to people who cannot forgive, so that they may overcome hate and get on with their lives. It includes concrete, step-by-step instructions that help us make peace with others.
ISBN-10: 0060009314

The Sex-Starved Marriage, Michele Weiner Davis
This book helps couples stop fighting about sex; rebuild and revitalize the passion in the bedroom.
ISBN-10: 0743227336

Mating In Captivity, Esther Perel
If you want an erotic sex life with your spouse, then you must move beyond the security of the familiar and comfortable. This author challenges the notion of sexless marriage.
ISBN-10: 0060753641

The Five Love Languages, Garry Chapman
This book explains how each spouse expresses love in different ways. If you learn each other's language, you will know the joy of being able to express your love and feel truly loved in return.
ISBN-10: 0802473156

It’s  A Guy Thing, David Deida
This book explains some of the fundamental differences between men and women. As well, it offers insight as to why men act the way they do.
ISBN-10: 1558744649

Hold On To Your Kids, Gordon Neufeld,  Gabor  Mate
A new idea and fresh perspective on parenting. Insight on how to restore and re-vitalize parent / child attachments. This book explains why parents need to matter more than peers.
ISBN-10: 0375760288

Reconcilable Differences, Cate Cochran
This book shows how more and more couples are for the sake of the children creatively re-designing their families when their marriages end. Unusual arrangements that work to keep families together.

Children of the Self - Absorbed, Nina W. Brown
This book offers a step-by-step guide to resolving issues and building a more productive relationship with a narcissistic parent.
ISBN-10: 1572245611

The Four Things That Matter Most, Ira Byock
This book, written by a palliative care physician, provides simple and moving stories that show us how to nurture relationships and mend those that need repair.
ISBN-10: 0743249097

Motherless Mothers, Hope Edelman
This book examines the unique anxieties mothers (who lost their own mothers to death or abandonment) experience as they raise their own children without the help of a loving and living maternal guide.
ISBN-10: 0060532459

Sexy Hormones, L. Vanderhaeghe, A. Pettle
This book outlines the diagnosis and treatment of many women’s conditions caused by estrogen dominance. Women are encouraged to enjoy their sexuality again.
ISBN-10: 1554550157

The Wisdom Of Menopause, Christiane  Northrup
One of North America’s most trusted medical advisors, Dr.  Northrup, explains how menopause is the greatest opportunity for personal growth since adolescence. She explores how to deal with metabolism shifts, weight gain , and sexual problems as well as how to ensure long term health.
ISBN-10: 0553384090

The Thyroid Solution, Ridha Arem, M.D.
This book, written by the leading authority in the field of thyroid research, offers a practical program for maintaining thyroid health, including a thyroid eating plan.
ISBN-10: 0345429206

Work Addiction, Bryan Robinson
This book exposes the most respectable of addictions. It distinguishes between healthy work ethic and compulsive overworking and explains how this addiction can destroy a family.
ISBN-10: 1558740236

Adult  Children  Of  Alcoholics, J.G.Woititz
This book explores the problems adults face as a result of their parent’s alcoholism. The author gives specific suggestions for how to break the cycle and create a more satisfying life.
ISBN-10: 1558741127