About Linda Samson

Linda Samson
I grew up in Nova Scotia. My people are French Acadian and Métis. My 92 year old father was (and still is) the village historian. Our kitchen echoed with his stories  and  I - a passionate listener - never grew tired of how he made people and  history come to life.

The spirit of his stories  about people remained in my mind and heart all through the years, as did the spirit of this gentle man and wonderful storyteller. And so grew my fascination with people and the relationships between them.

At  the same time, my efforts to understand my own personal life and relationships laid the foundation for my  understanding of the issues that bring  other people to therapy.

I believe that  people are healed, not by professional expertise, but by the quality of humanity shared by client and therapist  and the truthfulness of the relationship that is formed between them.

After 30 years of doing this work, I am still curious when I sit down to work with a couple. I am still moved when partners risk being vulnerable with each other; when a woman sees “the man she fell in love with” again after years of resentment  and distance.

As a therapist you will find me to be sensitive, respectful, honest and direct. I work to create a safe place where you can feel free to express your feelings without fear of judgement and where you will be encouraged to lead more satisfying lives.

I feel privileged to do this work and I feel honored that people place their trust in me to assist them.