What Do You Mean By Spirituality

Allow me to share with you what I have learned about spirituality as it relates to my counselling work.

My hope is that in some way this resonates with you .

My gift, as a therapist, is that I try and see through people into their deepest heart.

I believe that what matters most is not the technique, but the person of the therapist .

Not what I am, but who I am.

I believe that what makes the biggest difference is the integrity, the consciousness and the wholeness of the therapist. As therapists, we can help our clients only to the extent that we ourselves have been healed. Doing the work of deep personal change requires that the therapist have the courage to be transparent. One needs to allow oneself to be called into question.

And, so, when I use my gift, I’m doing what I was called to do. For this, I am grateful.

Perhaps the most important lesson learned is that when we keep our hearts open, we have the power to repair our beautiful planet.

At President Obama’s inauguration, Elizabeth Alexander, in her poem, “Praise Song For the Day”, asks the question, ‘What if the mightiest word is love?’

I believe that when we love, we heal. When we hate, we hold back the planet.

Finally, the spiritual tone underlying the counselling relationship offers hope, fellowship and refuge.

Hope, to a client, is a deep trust that there is one place where they are not abandoned.

Fellowship is the feeling of relief that can be felt in our body when we are truly heard. So  much of our suffering arises not just out of our own specific issue but out of the feeling of isolation surrounding it.

And lastly, counselling from this perspective offers refuge - one place  at least where we are not alone in our agony.